My deep passion of diverse music cultures has lead me to work with artists from India, Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, London... the list goes on. With a degree in music composition and ethnomusicology, Atropolis is my alter ego that explores international styles of music fused with a diverse range of contemporary electronic genres.

A remix I co-produced and mixed with Jeremy Sole  for Dom La Nena, is a sound example of this fusion. Licensed in the Starz Network show, Power, this remix blends traditional Brazilian folk with trap and juke rhythms. In 2014, I had the honor to co-produce an official remix for Grammy Award Winning Artist's Celia Cruz and Willie Colon, for Fania Records, with my former collective Cumba Mela.

Most recently I was commissioned by the Queen's Museum to co-produce a track with DJ Ushka, for Mel Chin's exhibition, All Over The Place. I’m constantly working on new project's, be sure to visit my music page to hear what’s new!


I was one of the senior Ableton Live instructors at Dubspot NYC. Among teaching over 500 students, I’ve taught the former front man of Major Lazer, Skerrit Bwoy, lead singer of TV on The Radio, Tunde, and DJ Riobamba, currently top 10 Fact Mag club artists to watch.

In the summer of 2018, I was hired by Grandmaster Flash to be his Ableton Live Engineer.

With years of experience teaching novice beginners to professional artists, I’ve been known for my sense of patiences and knowledge. Check out my courses page if you are interested in signing up for a one on one session.

Mixing Engineer

I first cut my teeth with mixing during my degree at Northeastern University where my formal training in mixing, mastering and recording took place.   Shortly after graduating I moved back to NYC and was signed to my first indie-label, Dutty Artz. This opportunity lead to a wide range of projects which I produced and mixed songs for the following labels and companies: Fania, Six Degrees Records, Man Recordings, AYA Records, Kompakt, Soundway Records, Barcardi, Adidias, Starz Network, and the Queens Museum.

I’ve had the honor of being mentored by Grammy award winning engineer, Scotty Hard. Who has had a tremendous influence on my approach to mixing.  It also inspired my investment in analog outboard gear. Yes, it is all about the ear and not the gear, however, in the right hands it will make a massive difference. As a digital child with a digital ear, I can strongly attest to the the power of analog.   Which is why my hybrid setup incorporates top of the line analog outboard gear that will breathe life into digital productions.