Atropolis teaching a workshop in Singapore at Loop Academy (photo by Focal Singapore)

Atropolis teaching a workshop in Singapore at Loop Academy (photo by Focal Singapore)

Ableton live 

This course is customized on an individual basis to fit your specified needs. You can learn:

  • How to produce a track from start to finish
  • Sound Design
  • Drum Production
  • Music Theory
  • Push 2
  • Mixing,
  • Live set
  •  Whatever topic's you'd like to explore

Pay per: 2 hour private lesson's $160 

3 x 2: Three, 2 hour private lesson's $450

Frequent flyer: Six, 2 hour private classes $850

 Online Feedback: Send your production and get a detailed response:

  •  Email + Video Feedback $75  // Email + Video Feedback + 1 hour skype session $150


live set

 Learn how to convert your song into a Live set. 

3 class course: 3, 2 hour classes $450

Student Feedback


Angie Vu Ha

"Adam is a wonderful, knowledgeable, inspiring and the best music teacher out there...The method of teaching and the way he interacted with the students was very encouraging and that pushed my confidence to where I felt comfortable to express myself in music and determined to work harder.... Adam would be very attentive and patient to explain to his students when they have any questions and equally treated his students not depending on gender or level of knowledge they know. I’m very appreciate and forever grateful for that."


Skerrit BwoY

"Students seldom get a chance to experience teachers who are willing to teach them "everything," but Adam is one of those rare teachers; I will forever be grateful to Mr Partridge and others like him. Even at my very beginning where I could not locate the metronome, he always believed that I was capable of more, and he continued to push me beyond my limits."

Roy Hamilton III

“Learning from Adam during my time at Dubspot NYC was a wonderful experience! He has a real talent and passion for the art of music."


Ishaan Chaudhary

“Adam is an absolute legend. He’s a patient and knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed learning from him - seeing his live rig and the way he marries acoustic n electronic elements was particularly inspiring.”


"I was only 15 when I first had Adam as a teacher and as such a young student
he was extremely inspirational to me. His ability to adapt his teaching to a wide spectrum of capabilities made it easy for me to keep up with older and more experienced students. He was one of the most influential figures in my life at the time, and I credit his encouragement for my continuing to work in professional music production today."


Vermillion Bird

"Adam is not only a brilliant producer himself but also a very inspiring teacher. When I took a class with him some years ago, he had the entire class' undivided attention as he showed us clever, creative and easy to apply techniques with Ableton Live for music production."

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